Steelex D2608 3-Inch 220-Pound Swivel Double Lock Polyurethane Plate Caster $6.50


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  1. 3-Inch size
  2. 2-1/2-Inch by-2-1/2-Inch plate
  3. Swivel with brake
  4. 150-Pound capacity

Steelex D2608 3-Inch 220-Pound Swivel Double Lock Polyurethane Plate Caster

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EAN 0039003095119
Label Steelex
Manufacturer Steelex
Publisher Steelex
Studio Steelex
Item Dimensions

Width:0 inches

Height:0 inches

Item Dimensions

Weight:0.85 Pounds
Width:3.2 inches
Height:2.6 inches
Length:3.9 inches


Red, high visibility, polyurethane tire is molded onto a hard rubber hub. Roller bearings keep things moving smoothly. In fixed, swivel and swivel with brake models. Brake models stop both the wheel rotation and the swivel movement.

Very good for the price. Gary L. Iverson, Sr. #2010-08-23

These are not the best you can buy: but they do not cost what the best costs either.
They are made in China so in some ways lack real serious quality.
Even so, if you have a light load, and not extra heavy use, these will serve you well. The brake seems to work well too.
So far I have been satisfies enough to buy a second batch of them. I bought them twice, and my current use under my work bench is doing well. These are well worth the price.
UPDATE: What I said above has been tested now.
Part 1: I built a 200# 4ft. X 8ft. plywood work table and installed 6 of these assemblies to make it light and easy to roll. Loaded it is about 250 to 300# max. The wheels can't handle it well at all. The problem is not the wheel itself, it is the chincy metal materials they used. Soft, flexible, and bends rather than turn on the rollers, even on a flat new cement floor. Sad. Data: 300# by 6 rollers = ~ 50 # each loading.... pretty over rated huh?!
Part 2: I made a small cabinet for the Sander I bought on Amazon, and I used 4 rollers to easy the locating of the tool in my shop. Wieghs about 100# with the sander: works perfectly. DATA: 100# by 4 wheels = 25# per wheel. Obviously, typical China Junk.... very overrated. Listed to handle 220# loads each, and at 50# each they begin to fail.

Derate them by about 400% and you are just about right. If you must have 50# or more on them the metal is just tooooo soft & cheap. Otherwise, just great.

Bearings? We dont need no stinkin' bearings! D. J. Smith "dad_and #2007-09-26

I bought these casters to use on a lunmber cart in my garage/workshop. I bought them because I thought that the high profile wheel would deal with grit on the floor pretty well. I can't believe how bad they are. The "bearings" are so worthless that the casters physically grind as you spin them- even without any weight on them. Rortaion of the wheel is OK, but spinning the caster on it's axis is terrible. This is a case of you get what you pay for. I'll be buying replacements somewhere else.

The wheel itself seems to be the same material as a rollerblade wheel. That part ought to hold up OK. However, the bearings just aren't up to snuff.

worthy caster A. Flad #2010-03-14

I purchased six of these to support a 7ft x 3ft work bench. Using these for the past three weeks I have no negative things about the product itself, an easy push gets them all moving in the right direction and into the new position. It is a little ackward locking the casters in place, but that is due to my bench design flaw, once locked it makes a solid plateform with very little movement. In hind sight I should have gotten the set with post mounting vice bolt on. I am pleased with the product!

Awesome Lucas A. Miller "Luk #2009-12-11

I have 6 of these on a DIY table saw mobile base. Work great. Table does not move at all when locked down. The wheel and the swivel lock wich is a feature I have only found on these.

Woodstock H0693 brake is exceptional R. Josephson #2007-12-08

This caster has a unique feature of locking both the rotation of the wheel and the swivel of the wheel. This results in more stability of the equipment supported when the caster is "locked". The setting and release of the brake is also especially easy. This feature along with the smooth operation of the caster itself make this a great value for the money. I highly recommend it.

Steelex Castors Michael Boyd #2009-09-15

I am pleased with the castors with the exception of stability. The locking system allows a little too much movement. I would still buy them anyway.

I like the wheels habaneroslim #2011-11-17

I have not installed the castors yet, but they look and roll in my hand very well.
I would buy them again.

Great for home project Hansob1 #2011-10-11

Steelex D2608 3-Inch 220-Pound Swivel Double Lock Polyurethane Plate Caster

I built a 6ft by 2 1/2ft storage/work bench. I put 4 of these lockable casters on each corner and 2 of the non-lockable casters in the middle. Cabinet has 2x4 frame and 1/2 inch plywood sides. A large craftsman table saw (very heavy, no legs)sits on top and inside I store my table sander, drill press and have three shelves full of drills and other tools. What I am trying to say is that I have a lot of weight on these wheels and they work great. I can move the cabinet all around my garage with ease and then tuck it away and park my truck in there when I am done. Wheels work great, I would recommend.

Exactly what I ordered L. J. POWER #2011-08-23

This product was the exact product that I wanted. It was brand new and packaged very well. I would order again from these people.

Good enough and decent price S. Decovic "Sawdust #2011-06-27

I've been using the Steelex casters for over a year now. I'm getting ready to buy some more, so I'm obviously pretty happy with them.

I'm supporting a three drawer shop-built rolling tool cabinet with a 13" portable planer sitting on top. Total weight is ~400 pounds, which is only about half the rated load for four of these casters. The shop floor is concrete painted with grey epoxy. That said, the cabinet moves around the shop easily and smoothly. The swivel locks and brakes both work well.

For those who are shopping, I also bought a pair of the same type caster from Woodcraft 4" Caster, Double Locking, Swiveling with 4 Hole Mounting Plate.

The Woodcraft swivel locking mechanism has more teeth than this one, but I've not had any problem with the swivel lock holding. The wheels on this steelex caster have a half circle profile while the woodcraft caster is pretty flat. On my garage surface I've not noticed any real difference in performance between the two. Under heavy loads the woodcraft/Wood River caster might be a bit better but at almost triple the cost, I think the steelex product is tough to beat.

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